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A crisis can appear suddenly and apply enormous, simultaneous pressures on multiple legal and business fronts. Difficult decisions made in the heat of a fast moving battle very well may determine whether an organization survives a crisis—and perhaps even prospers from it.

Kagen & Caspersen provides tactical and strategic crisis counseling to clients navigating such perilous circumstances. Our unique value proposition is that we provide integrated legal and business analysis of the hostile forces confronting a client during such a crisis.

We are able to provide this level of integrated advice thanks to the singular experience and skill sets of our co-founders. Cofounder Sam Caspersen has substantial experience confronting special situations as the principal of a family office and distressed private equity investor. Combining Sam’s skill set with the sophisticated, aggressive, and creative litigation capabilities of cofounder Stuart Kagen was the raison d’etre behind the formation of Kagen & Caspersen.

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