Partnership Disputes

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Disputes between partners—be they in a limited liability company, corporation, limited partnership, or some other entity—are one of our firm’s particular specialties. We have a deep base of experience with these disputes.

Representative Cases

Here are some of the outcomes our lawyers have achieved for our clients:
  • Represented a jewelry manufacturer in an LLC with a billion-dollar investor co-partner. We defeated the partner’s attempt to obtain a temporary restraining order and injunction, and then moved to dismiss all claims brought against our client. We settled this case on highly favorable terms.
  • Represented a construction company partner in a variety of LLC disputes involving three interlocking entities. On his behalf we defeated a temporary restraining order, defeated an injunction, and convinced the judge that the majority of the claims against our client were weak. We settled this case on highly favorable terms.
  • Represented a limited partner in a series of interlocking, sophisticated private equity limited partnerships. Managed the matter from beginning to the end, obtaining a settlement on very favorable terms.
  • Represented a partner in a limited liability company involving a restaurant. Changed the matter from one in which the client was paying the other partner into one in which no payment was owed at all.
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